Our debut at B-Sides when brilliantly... thanks goes again to all those who attended... it was certainly one of the best, if not the best, local crowds we’ve ever experienced...

We’ll be back in Memphis at the end of May... stay tuned...


i drank one or was it four?


Contrived by fellow Smiths/Morrissey fans, Louder Than Bombs evolved when a couple of Memphis musicians insisted upon a collaboration.


The idea was to produce songs which were always instantaneous and listenable whilst also provoking deep thought; emulating Morrissey's vocals with Marr's music in a sound which, above all, would stand apart without being inaccessible or esoteric. The guitar-based songs would blend melody without havoc, as the words - born out of absolute physical necessity - would tug at the strape of cultural straightjackets. Christened as an antidote of a prevalent idea that modern groups would need only far-reaching, multi-syllable name, to authorise their artistry.


As a live group, Louder Than Bombs believe that it is possible to replenish appetites of both the soul and the pelvis simultaneously. They are urban, but never bleak; there is humor in tragedy, solace and unity. The voice is the collective rage of all suppressed hysterica. 


Always Memphis-based, Louder Than Bombs contend that 'One has to live somewhere....' and plan to rewrite the history of their city. 


Vocals / Scott Miles
Guitar / Mark Petty II
Bass / Chris Seaton
Drums / John Boswell



There's a club if you'd like to go...